Who cares.

UPDATE: (attention, I will after all not end the blog, because as long as there is at least 1 person who reads this, it will continue.)

Well, that's it. Nobody reads this. I am beginning to suspect that the views of my blog are merely people who ended up here here by coincidence.

Since it is not worth talking to the walls, it is better to end the blog.

Of course, if someone is really interested in continuing to read my blog, then tell me, because I will not be humilliate myself writing for no one.

It's a shame. I like to see what people think of my ideas, stories, designs, and even jokes, but maybe it's time for me to accept that I am not no popular enough to have followers, and maybe I'm being a bit atention whore by creating a blog. We must admit that we all have a little atention whore within us. Just some are more notable than others.

Maybe I should take this as a life lesson, something that the generation of today must learn:
decentralize yourself of your ego, forget who you are because in this world no one cares who you are, but what you do.

Everyone thinks they're different, that they're special, even me. And this capitalist world tries to make it look like that with beautiful phrases. The facebook, twitter, blogs, any social network gives you the opportunity to show the world who you are. But nobody wants to know. No one wants to hear about your "stylish timeline" or your very inspiring phrase, because these things for many likes and comments they have, people do not want to know, just give likes for the same reason, for people to think that you liked it because you're a cool person.

Now that I think about it, social networks are only useful for to you to show things to a mirror disguised as other people.

In the end, I think then I will continue to try to fight my ego and become less centralized. It's harder than it looks. It is not easy when you think you have a lot of cool qualities you liked to share with the world and just not show them. It's human nature to want to show how cool I am. But when the world ignores you, it is better to accept the facts.

What annoys me is that there are a lot of people with little interest that has so much more "spotlight". Why not me? I have bad luck? Is it the problem of "not going to like his stuff because I do not know him well?" I talk about things they do not understand? Do I just like different things from the majority? Does the reason for my Ego is the need to have someone to like me, so I like myself? Or rather, I do not like anyone so my ability to like channels to myself? Well, not true, I have friends who I like ... So what is it? Why do I feel ignored?

You know what.
I'm sick of repressing things. Whenever I don't have what I want I try to learn to live without it, but I am always unsuccessful.

"Never no chick like me" I do not need chicks.
"Nobody listens to me" I listen to myself.
"I did not take the grade I wanted to" Grades do not define me.
"I can not find a band I really like" I create music I like.
"I can not find a chick who understands me nor I like" I just need myself.

And if anyone actually read this, do not think I'm depressed or anything. It's probably a stupid teenager phase, and use this blog as a psychologist. I'm so gifted that I even serve as a psychologist for myself :P (kidding ok?)

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