May 23, 2013

So it seems that suddenly there is a rise of views on my blog eh?
And comments!
So after all the little trick of "threat of destruction" after all works, eheh.
 Good. Well, therefore, the blog continues! And now, I must thank all those who read the blog, it's great to know that my blog is not a complete fail. And I promise not to be a little bitch from about to the amount of views on my blog for now on.

In news, I'm at home, so FUCK YEAH! I got 16.9/20 on my drawing test! FUCK YEAH! I'm sick at home! . . . not going to School! FUCK YEAH!

                      --------------------- (off topic) ------------------------ ------

I Continue to develop a style to make my comics. And if I get a scanner I'll make it a webcomic.
                     -------------------------------------------------- ------------------
Today's topic will be, ok, a topic ... hmm ... it's usually easier ...
Oh and how about this: Should I add a "vlog" to my blog posts? By the way, for those who do not know what a vlog is, "vlog" is a "faggy" term means to say video-blog, so a recorded blog, with my face saying some uninteresting crap about myself with low quality sound and video, and stupid jokes.
But of course, I'll try to focus on things that you can discuss and talk about, and I do not just talk about crap that happened to me.
I'll make a poll so you can vote there beside ----->

I'm also out of ideas for what to talk about in the next post, so you can comment with any ideas to discuss, and I will speak of it in the next post.

And now, bye, because I have to hurry and go to school to have a philosophy test.
(not even sick can I escape this huh?)

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