June 16, 2013

I'm back!

and holidays STARTED!

It is so perfect that bright moment in the second when the teacher says: "ok, you can leave early." And every step we take towards the exit is glorified by its proximity of the freedom from school for 3 months.

I certainly hope that the projects start getting out of my head to come to the material world, now that I have time. And I hope to join the "8 e meio" (eight and a half) contest, that's a animation and film contest.

However, interesting things to say;

Some Portuguese Pastafarian around?
Well, I created a group on facebook called "Comunidade Pastafariana de Portugal" for all believers of the true religion, and for all those who hope to meet in the fantastic heaven with beer volcanoes and stripper machines.

and now, time for philosophy!

Today's theme: After death.

At first, I always wanted that after death something extraordinary happened, turn into a spirit wandering the earth, reincarnate maybe in another dimension, or simply live inside my mind without a body where I build my own reality.

But after a while I realized that I really hope that I do not live forever, whatever consciousness. Have you ever wondered what being forced to live? never be able to stop life? As we go through, we live the worse tortures imaginable during imaginable periods of time repeatedly, because at some point we will have to end like this ... And even then we will never be able to rest. think and visualize what is infinity ... Life will never, but never but never end. One day we're gonna be bored of being alive. But we can't do nothing, and simply will continue to live forever as well. Longer. and longer. Simply never going to stop.
Living forever is the worst torture you can have.

So on one hand I hope as well that I just disappear when I die.

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