November 22, 2013


I thought this blog had died !

 But no! I came to continue the blog ! (will I ? )

Twists and turns , people. In all this time , as my blog didn't serve for any pourpouse, so I dropped it .
But it's always interesting to have a sort of log to be able to re-read later .

However , much has happened in this time. I met people who I would never think would have opportunity of knowing . I had crushes that I shouldn't had , and continue to evolve in every way . I participated in "8 e meio". I started listening to Boards of Canada , Bonobo , Quantic , Luisine , Kaori Kobayashi , and quite a few other things , I learned , thought , evolved.

Basically, everything that I thought that had changed, being social, being understood, was illusory in it's own way . I have not changed . I will always be an introverted individual who will focus on his ability and own thoughts. Yes , I met people , interesting people , but not people like me , ever. I feel that I realized that the person who I was, and who felt that emptyness, will always be me .

There is no one like me, except one person .

I never saw her again .


June 17, 2013


So people.
Every time I think and talk more about the human connection with nature, I just meet more people who understand me! I am no longer alone in the world! I feel that in the future I expect something big. I'll start a revolution and the put the world where it should be. Dreams on a large scale, but who knows.

But beyond that, it is good to know that there are people in this world who understands me, in tastes, ideas, styles. I knew one day this would happen. But unfortunately, this group of people is scattered around the world ... I appreciate that on the Internet, which for people who feel different from everyone, it's great to find someone who understands them.

Topic 2:

Before any foregone conclusion, I'm not depressed or anything. It's just an adolescent phase (I think) when I try to understand myself and the world around me, looking in all the corners of my mind an explanation for who I am and why I like this and that, or why the world is what I see it is. But our mind likes to curl up on itself between the various parts of the brain ... We see the world with emotions, questions, logic. And the question at hand is whether if  the world is confusing, or it's just the way we see it.
Maybe that's the purpose of art, to look for ways to explain the world, and that art is tells us that we do not understand the Answer.

Why understand then? Why not just content ourselves living in a world with interest in its intrigue and mystery? Simply live without asking ourselves about everything, and just take a more "animal" perspective of it all. The world is such a beautiful and perfect place, I just want to live in it's perfect balance, then in it transpires once again my dear idea of ​​living peacefully connected with this beauty.

The human totally lost the connection with the most important of all, the connection with the world.


June 16, 2013

I'm back!

and holidays STARTED!

It is so perfect that bright moment in the second when the teacher says: "ok, you can leave early." And every step we take towards the exit is glorified by its proximity of the freedom from school for 3 months.

I certainly hope that the projects start getting out of my head to come to the material world, now that I have time. And I hope to join the "8 e meio" (eight and a half) contest, that's a animation and film contest.

However, interesting things to say;

Some Portuguese Pastafarian around?
Well, I created a group on facebook called "Comunidade Pastafariana de Portugal" for all believers of the true religion, and for all those who hope to meet in the fantastic heaven with beer volcanoes and stripper machines.

and now, time for philosophy!

Today's theme: After death.

At first, I always wanted that after death something extraordinary happened, turn into a spirit wandering the earth, reincarnate maybe in another dimension, or simply live inside my mind without a body where I build my own reality.

But after a while I realized that I really hope that I do not live forever, whatever consciousness. Have you ever wondered what being forced to live? never be able to stop life? As we go through, we live the worse tortures imaginable during imaginable periods of time repeatedly, because at some point we will have to end like this ... And even then we will never be able to rest. think and visualize what is infinity ... Life will never, but never but never end. One day we're gonna be bored of being alive. But we can't do nothing, and simply will continue to live forever as well. Longer. and longer. Simply never going to stop.
Living forever is the worst torture you can have.

So on one hand I hope as well that I just disappear when I die.


May 23, 2013

So it seems that suddenly there is a rise of views on my blog eh?
And comments!
So after all the little trick of "threat of destruction" after all works, eheh.
 Good. Well, therefore, the blog continues! And now, I must thank all those who read the blog, it's great to know that my blog is not a complete fail. And I promise not to be a little bitch from about to the amount of views on my blog for now on.

In news, I'm at home, so FUCK YEAH! I got 16.9/20 on my drawing test! FUCK YEAH! I'm sick at home! . . . not going to School! FUCK YEAH!

                      --------------------- (off topic) ------------------------ ------

I Continue to develop a style to make my comics. And if I get a scanner I'll make it a webcomic.
                     -------------------------------------------------- ------------------
Today's topic will be, ok, a topic ... hmm ... it's usually easier ...
Oh and how about this: Should I add a "vlog" to my blog posts? By the way, for those who do not know what a vlog is, "vlog" is a "faggy" term means to say video-blog, so a recorded blog, with my face saying some uninteresting crap about myself with low quality sound and video, and stupid jokes.
But of course, I'll try to focus on things that you can discuss and talk about, and I do not just talk about crap that happened to me.
I'll make a poll so you can vote there beside ----->

I'm also out of ideas for what to talk about in the next post, so you can comment with any ideas to discuss, and I will speak of it in the next post.

And now, bye, because I have to hurry and go to school to have a philosophy test.
(not even sick can I escape this huh?)


Who cares.

UPDATE: (attention, I will after all not end the blog, because as long as there is at least 1 person who reads this, it will continue.)

Well, that's it. Nobody reads this. I am beginning to suspect that the views of my blog are merely people who ended up here here by coincidence.

Since it is not worth talking to the walls, it is better to end the blog.

Of course, if someone is really interested in continuing to read my blog, then tell me, because I will not be humilliate myself writing for no one.

It's a shame. I like to see what people think of my ideas, stories, designs, and even jokes, but maybe it's time for me to accept that I am not no popular enough to have followers, and maybe I'm being a bit atention whore by creating a blog. We must admit that we all have a little atention whore within us. Just some are more notable than others.

Maybe I should take this as a life lesson, something that the generation of today must learn:
decentralize yourself of your ego, forget who you are because in this world no one cares who you are, but what you do.

Everyone thinks they're different, that they're special, even me. And this capitalist world tries to make it look like that with beautiful phrases. The facebook, twitter, blogs, any social network gives you the opportunity to show the world who you are. But nobody wants to know. No one wants to hear about your "stylish timeline" or your very inspiring phrase, because these things for many likes and comments they have, people do not want to know, just give likes for the same reason, for people to think that you liked it because you're a cool person.

Now that I think about it, social networks are only useful for to you to show things to a mirror disguised as other people.

In the end, I think then I will continue to try to fight my ego and become less centralized. It's harder than it looks. It is not easy when you think you have a lot of cool qualities you liked to share with the world and just not show them. It's human nature to want to show how cool I am. But when the world ignores you, it is better to accept the facts.

What annoys me is that there are a lot of people with little interest that has so much more "spotlight". Why not me? I have bad luck? Is it the problem of "not going to like his stuff because I do not know him well?" I talk about things they do not understand? Do I just like different things from the majority? Does the reason for my Ego is the need to have someone to like me, so I like myself? Or rather, I do not like anyone so my ability to like channels to myself? Well, not true, I have friends who I like ... So what is it? Why do I feel ignored?

You know what.
I'm sick of repressing things. Whenever I don't have what I want I try to learn to live without it, but I am always unsuccessful.

"Never no chick like me" I do not need chicks.
"Nobody listens to me" I listen to myself.
"I did not take the grade I wanted to" Grades do not define me.
"I can not find a band I really like" I create music I like.
"I can not find a chick who understands me nor I like" I just need myself.

And if anyone actually read this, do not think I'm depressed or anything. It's probably a stupid teenager phase, and use this blog as a psychologist. I'm so gifted that I even serve as a psychologist for myself :P (kidding ok?)

May 12, 2013

Oh right, I have a blog.

Yes, I know, I have written very little, but no one visits my blog, so I'm not worried. So thank you for reading this. The blog allows me to see how many people visited it, and this week has been about 3 per day, unless there's someone in "incognito mode".

How is that so many people have followers in their boring blogs? I'm not saying that my blog is not boring, but at least some followers ...

Nobody makes comments ...

Few visits ...

Why do I have it then?

Anyway, the news is, I'm home! my beautiful perfect home that I didn't went for about, almost a year? After living in temporary houses it's so good to be back.

Oh yes, and Lara and Sasha are home too, my dear pets. The lara is our bitch (hehe), and sasha our cat. But they hardly seem to recognize us, or even the house ... I was waiting for a reception like in the movies in which they ran towards us at sunset, but they didn't.

Well, said the news, and said what I think, it's what is normal in my posts, so that's all for today.
Have a nice day.


May 1, 2013

"Hello once again, audience."

Nothing better to enjoy this beautiful holiday to stay home sick with a gastroenteritis, or whatnot.

Okay, that's it, I do not feel like doing anything.

I spent the day in bed watching videos on youtube.