June 17, 2013


So people.
Every time I think and talk more about the human connection with nature, I just meet more people who understand me! I am no longer alone in the world! I feel that in the future I expect something big. I'll start a revolution and the put the world where it should be. Dreams on a large scale, but who knows.

But beyond that, it is good to know that there are people in this world who understands me, in tastes, ideas, styles. I knew one day this would happen. But unfortunately, this group of people is scattered around the world ... I appreciate that on the Internet, which for people who feel different from everyone, it's great to find someone who understands them.

Topic 2:

Before any foregone conclusion, I'm not depressed or anything. It's just an adolescent phase (I think) when I try to understand myself and the world around me, looking in all the corners of my mind an explanation for who I am and why I like this and that, or why the world is what I see it is. But our mind likes to curl up on itself between the various parts of the brain ... We see the world with emotions, questions, logic. And the question at hand is whether if  the world is confusing, or it's just the way we see it.
Maybe that's the purpose of art, to look for ways to explain the world, and that art is tells us that we do not understand the Answer.

Why understand then? Why not just content ourselves living in a world with interest in its intrigue and mystery? Simply live without asking ourselves about everything, and just take a more "animal" perspective of it all. The world is such a beautiful and perfect place, I just want to live in it's perfect balance, then in it transpires once again my dear idea of ​​living peacefully connected with this beauty.

The human totally lost the connection with the most important of all, the connection with the world.

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