November 22, 2013


I thought this blog had died !

 But no! I came to continue the blog ! (will I ? )

Twists and turns , people. In all this time , as my blog didn't serve for any pourpouse, so I dropped it .
But it's always interesting to have a sort of log to be able to re-read later .

However , much has happened in this time. I met people who I would never think would have opportunity of knowing . I had crushes that I shouldn't had , and continue to evolve in every way . I participated in "8 e meio". I started listening to Boards of Canada , Bonobo , Quantic , Luisine , Kaori Kobayashi , and quite a few other things , I learned , thought , evolved.

Basically, everything that I thought that had changed, being social, being understood, was illusory in it's own way . I have not changed . I will always be an introverted individual who will focus on his ability and own thoughts. Yes , I met people , interesting people , but not people like me , ever. I feel that I realized that the person who I was, and who felt that emptyness, will always be me .

There is no one like me, except one person .

I never saw her again .

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