April 6, 2013

oh right, I'm still not youtuber.

interesting stuff, usernames ...
Each person has a different username. Each person has a way to create a username. Let's see, types of usernames:

1 - A username simple, fast, and easily identifiable.
eg. Daviddd12, JohnSX
Usually used for people who do not care about having a interesting username, but one that can indentify him.

2 - A unimaginative username.
 eg killer121, lololol3, PWN1111
Obviously this person does care for his username, and simply wants to have an account to use whatever it's use.

3 - A personal username.
eg Skrillexfan1, Mariobros23, Skitleslover2
This person needs a name quickly, and then uses some something hr likes to show his tastes, giving the others an idea of him.

4 - A stage name / nickname.
eg Korati, Jackmad, Cranimad, Pewdiepie
Typically, this type of usernames is invented at the time by a sudden inspiration, he was already a nickname of the person, or takes days to come up with something interesting. Always depends on how important the person thinks the username is.

5 - something random and funny.
eg BananaSpliter, DunkPunk, Tirocueca.
 Tirocueca( underpantshot) is of my authorship, heheheh. I invented it when I wanted to play a FPS (first person shooter)
interestingly, I was a professional shooting in the crotch. And I was a sniper.
But yes, yes, this kind of usernames are also invented usually when you want to be funny, or simply has no more ideas.

What's your type of username? Is it included in my list? You can always comment.

In my case, the username I have started using is Cranimad. That, yes, took a long time to come up with. I wanted a name that had things that included my personality, things I like, style, sounded good, and it was relatively simple. After a long time I ended up with the conclusion of Cranimad:

Crânio (Skull in portuguese - I like skeletons, skull involves brain = mind)
Anima (soul in Latin)
mad (herp derp)

Cranima would be interesting too, but it was used on various websites, and besides I wanted to keep my name unique, and I do not like having to use Cranimad21 or Cr4nimad.

In addition, I wanted a username that could be used as a stage name, so if I can succeed in internet someday. After all, ever heard of that youtuber, killer32?

Well, actually there are plenty of youtubers with simple names, Boogie12312345 (dunno how many numbers)
but still wanted something a little bit more "professional".

What do think of Cranimad? I think it took me about a year to get to this name.

Here some usernames that I've used:

Mega Man Io (completely random, my first username on Club Penguin. I didn't even knew who was mega man)

Romotit (the game was called Roblox, and I wanted a name that had "Ro" then I ended up with Ro(random).)

Guilhermus Magnus (my dad used to use AlexisMagnus, so I thought it was funny )

Arkano (arcane, a word that I liked a lot, so, you know, this.)

Cranimad (come on, this will be the one.)

Ah yes! Interesting thing. When I wanted to create a username, I tried to put togheter cool words like, Punk, or draw, or doodle.
I ended up with a funny conclusion:

DaftPunk. then I  looked on the net to see if it existed.
 I did not know DaftPunk at the time, and I was intrigued as all the conclusions I reached already existed.
If they did not exist, I probably would be called DaftPunk.

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