April 7, 2013

Paredes de Coura Paredes de Coura, lalalalala!
I will go to the festival Paredes de Coura with Diego, lalalala!
My parents letted me, lalalalalala!


(imagine the text above with the least gay intonation possible, please)
(Thank you.)

The my brother's birthday party was quite fun. We went to Porto (or Oporto, like the rest of the world calls it), and did quite a lot stuff.
The best part was to make our friend Barbara enter in stores the nerdiest possible.
It smelled like nerds. We went to a "retro" game store, and some were collectives. That glutted with games for Ps1, gamecube, NES, Nintendo 64, as much as the consoles.

Of course we also did other things. We went to two music clubs, a jazz and rock, which were both closed. Then we went to a store of comics and mangas.
Scott Pilgrims with color *. *

We went to Oporto's  stylish "like a sir" McDonalds ,

To Via Catarina,

A few music stores, one with a  awesome lefty's bass,

and walked like hell.

At night, we went for a walk, went to a bar, and then played a few games on a game machine.

It was cool.

And end.

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