April 22, 2013

Hello everyone, and sorry for the delay!

So, well, I'm on a hard week full of work. But the reason why I have not written much is because I have been watching "Avatar: the legend of Aang" and, well, I have not been with a lot to say. But well, I'm going by threads saying things that have happened:

-my brother has a Wah Wah pedal, and I've been using as well :D
-I am full of work to do for the drawing lesson;
I'm thinking about advancing with some of my comic book projects;
-I started music lessons, I've said it already;
-I continue with the ambition to be Youtuber;
-I ended"Avatar", and now I'm depressed about how life is so boring;
-I'm still playing "Lost Vikings" and it's becoming truly frustrating.

Now, to the next topic I will talk about all my projects, all the ideas I've ever had. I've always had ideas to do that or tha-
Damnit, forget. "it's time to go to bed."
When I live alone ...

bye. Argh.

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