April 13, 2013

So folks! Today I will make all gamers begin to hate me.
Because I'll tell you something terrible.

Digimon is better than Pokemon.

Yes, and I'll tell you why!

First, obviously, while Pokemon is to hunt wild creatures, cage them, enslave them, and only release them to fight each other until one becomes unconscious, Digimon consists of people who befriends creatures, and they only fight when they are in danger.

In Digimon the story is set in a different world, with an interesting history, while Pokemon is just a guy who wants to be the best professional "cockfighter" in the world, and manage to get in his possession a sample of all the creatures in the world, leaving them trapped inside a small ball.

In addition, for your very awe, I think the Digimons are a lot cooler than pokemons.

Oh really??



Pokemons are "cutie cutie". Digimons are Badass.
I still remember when in Digimon 3 a guy was playing "Digimon" on the computer, it was a game like pokemon. When his Digimon jumped out of the computer, the dude lamented to him and asked him a thousand sorries for making him fight other digimons for his enjoyment, after all, he thought it was a game.

So that's my opinion.
Come on, this time, any guy who likes pokemon will have to comment.

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