April 25, 2013

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Ah. A holiday came just handy. Pity that Friday is the most exhausting day in terms of time ...
is almost like being in a marathon, then stop a bit, and then sprint to the end.

Oh well. Today is April 25, what about talking a little bit 'bout why we are in holiday?
How about no?

Continuing ...
Every day that passes I can only think of one thing, that my theory of living in nature. Increasing everyday pulls me, something in me is trying to tell me something, my instinct, I think. Just know that when I look around, something is very wrong, really wrong. Does the problem lies elsewhere? Maybe something is wrong with me. But no, the world is, something tells me to stop it ...  Protests about hunger problems, war, etc I've never seen anyone say something good about society compared to what people say nowadays.
But ever since the human is criticized heavily for their problems, wars, and for thousands of years it is trying to find a solution.
I can not eat my lunch, knowing that half the world is hungry. I do not deserve, I'm not more than others! I did nothing to get my lunch, and there are those who struggle to get a bread! How can I live rested, if I know it will stay that way forever?
I can not live with luxuries.
I want to live away from it, rested, I want to live with what I believe to be right, the supposed. What I believe that brings real peace of soul, which I believe it is to live, because the rest is not living. What we have now is an artificial life, fueled fantasy created by our mind, movies, images, music, books, stories. And so we do not have to leave home. But this causes a conflict with me, as if something was simply wrong. I want to live my stories, I want to see my landscapes, I want to eat the food i gather, feel the cold, the heat, the wind. Feed my soul, and not live EASY pleasures.

"But it's dangerous!" Yes, it is very dangerous, but to me, life hasn't so much value. I do not know what to expect next? may even be better. Furthermore, we do not have to run from death at all costs. We do not have to live up to being so old we end up being bored of life and wanting to die. We should enjoy life, and I do not say live it as much we can, but while we live it, we must like it.

Society today does not make sense. It seeks the impossible luxury for everyone. But there are many impossible obstacles that prevent us. The problem is that we look for something that is out of the plane of reality, we seek a dream. Man always seeks the dream, the perfect. But when this is impossible, we must accept it, not live in this transient state of disorder that is not so transitory.

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