April 29, 2013

"How are you, fellow readers!"

eh, I'm really running out of entries.

I have some ideas for a comic, but this idea is a bit more serious than the others, so I need a different drawing style, perhaps more or less style "Corto Maltese".

The main base is a revolution worldwide. The revolution is more or less my idea of human going bak to their origins, but the reader can choose which side he wants, the revolutionaries or the civilized. Also, as in all the revolutions, some will be more radical than others, so, there are good civilized (I believe that humanity  can manage to evolve for the better) and good revolutionaries (our goal is to keep peace) and the bad, who want genocide of the opponent, and lose their argument.

The idea of revolutionaries remain about the "balancing", the Ying and Yang, the values ​​of nature, life and death are part of the cycle of the world, animals are as much as us.

Probably the interests of BD will be mstly about the distortion of the revolution in the course of time, that no one wants the same as before, and as human nature is the same this chaos.

by the way, does anyone remember this guy?

Well, apparently the creator of "Earthworm Jim", Doug TenNapel, has a lot of other awesome creations and BDs. A Webcomic he is developing called "Nnewts" is brilliant, the drawing style is fantastic. And attention, he doesn't do childish things, quite the contrary, he is on of those who loves killing characters without any problem.


Ratfist (BD):

Nnewts: (carry on "first" because it starts on the last page)

Have a good reading.

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