April 16, 2013

Yes, I know, I'm writing this on the morning of 17. But at least I do the post, right?
I went back to play a game from my childhood that I forgot to mention in the post about my childhood, "Lost Vikings".

This game is funny as hell.

Well, anyway, I think it is time to return to the animation. Is it? I'll try. If anyone has an idea of ​​what I  should animate, then comment.

Here's an example:

I know, I have noticed some errors, and you can say that it seems a broccoli if you want, but also I just did it in 15 minutes. Yes, the problem is that the animation takes time and hard work.

I'll have my first music lesson probably the Thursday, so it will be awesome. We'll play together, the whole band has classes together. Finally! Music lessons! I will learn more than learning alone!

And today it was a post about a lots of things! have a nice day and goodbye.

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