14 March, 2013

Midnight. I was wondering in my mind and got to the conclusion that I should really create a blog for everything I want to share. Expecially, 'cause i'm a bit crazy; actually, my life's a bit crazy.

I mean, do you know a guy that has a crazy hair, is willing to be a  artist/multimedia artist, plays bass in a band, is living in his aunt's house with his brother and mom while his dad is living in Brazil because he had a bad experience while he was living as a imigrate (in Brazil) and now his dad has to stay until he finishes his job project so he can come back, AND has nerd friends, crazy friends, and bro like best friends?

And there's more! Sadness, hapiness, drama, adventure, and exclusive art, iiiiiiiiin "A Diary A Bit Crazy"!!!

I Hope I can make this blog a little interesting. There's lot to tell. I think I'll start with a little review of my whole life:

Since i was a kid, I was extremely polite. Sometimes, I was paranoid with doing the right thing, I used to try to obey every single time I did something wrong it was a shock and I got a lot sad and scared.
When I was 1 year old, I met my best friends: Hugo, and Barbara. Their parents were friends with mine, so we met very early in life.
When I was 2 and a half, I met my brother, Rodrigo. We're since that day, best bros for ever.
As a kid in elementary school, I was very social. Since I was a friendly kid, everyone simply liked me.
When I reached 5th grade, I wasn't so social like that. Kids wanted to be cool, and I wanted to be myself. I had some friends, but it wasn't enough.
I grew, and grew. One day I found my vocation, animation and game developing. I was playing this very pop flash game, "The Fancy Pants Adventures" (follow his blog! and I got inspired in giving life to simple doodles. My dad got me Macromedia Flash 6, and I created lots of animations, that got lost on our old computer.
My friends, Hugo and Barbara, grew to be completely opposites: Barbara grew to be a normal social person with many friends, while Hugo didn't care much to that and turned in a "otaku".
With me, things staied the same. I wasn't very social in the class, since they grew to be boring people with nothing but a social state to keep, while I totally ignored them and tried to be myself, although and I didn't like to show how different I was, fearing to be judged.

And Then,

Everything happened. My life turned upside down, and then up, and down, and left-and-right-anddiagonalandthenitrolloverandfellandthen now.
The chance to go to Brazil sudently came. Since our dad is Brazillian, we had family there. we thought it was a thing we wouldn't actually do, but we did.
I created a blog, Emigration Experience, that explained how it was. The hardest thing was to say goodbye to Barbara and Hugo.
My mom (that had been depressed) didn't handle the shock of imigration, and got mental problems. We came back to Portugal as fast as we could so she wouldn't lose sanity, but my dad staied to pay the bills, but at least now we are almost putting things back on.
But something else happened. The "so closed" Guilherme Festas went to his art course in the middle of the year. Who he was introduced to? People that didn't had fear to express themselves. I met people like me, people that were more than just douches who care for being pops. I met a guy that had a band. and in these easter vacation, I officialy join the band. I play bass for a year, almost two..
The story now is the classic. "Guy not used to socialize starts to hang out", "Guy not used to socialize starts meeting girls but doesn't know how to get them, gets sad, and tries not to give a fuck".

I'll try to talk about things like that. But I may probably make posts about my ideas for the world, and projects I'm thinking in.

Sorry for the long post,

Guilherme Festas

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