17 March, 2013

Hello, there. Today, I promise I'll do something more interesting than just tell what happened today.

I went to Diego's house to play a little bit. I invited Tânia, because she never saw me playing, and I wanted to show her.

As always, we played for 10 minutes and stoped. then he showed all his awesome stuff. We went for a walk in the fields, sand, and climbing rocks, my favorite thing to do. I would love to live in the middle of the nature completely natural, but I'll speak about it in another day.

The point is, While they were together sitted on the sand, and I was for little bit alone, it gave me time to just lay down and think. (nothing to do with them)
It has been some confusing time to me, and all of this new friends and opportunities were kind of a shock, and now that I'm a little more interested in girls, I've been a little more active about it. But I'm tired of trying to be nice to girls to get closer to them. When I get close to someone something allways stops me. So, I quit. I could live alone forever, I don't need anyone. Of course if someone comes to me, ok, I'll be nice. But I'm tired of doing this stuff.
So, basically, I'll just not give a fuck about anything.

This will give me a lot of peace.
(or maybe it will make me alone forever.)