28 March, 2013

Hey, hello people! (I'm really running out of new entries.)

Bad news. Looks like we will not go home this holiday.
I miss having a cozy house, my house. Without being in a mini T1, or a half furnished apartment or live with my uncles.

But well.

I do not know what to say in this post ... I write because I must write ...

Random Subject Time I suppose.

It is so strange sometimes even when having more friends, I feel alone. It seems I'm missing something ... And I can say that they are true friends.
I'll convince myself that I need no one to live. And yesterday I came to a conclusion. I say I do not need anyone to live, because I learned to live with myself, but maybe I'm like that because I never had a lot of people to share life with ...
Maybe it's about the thing about I never having much of a chance "with the ladies." Damn hormones, trying to mess with my mind.

And I think I'll try to do my art in a less egocentric way,I may have more success.

So bye, all for today.

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