30 March, 2013

Nothing happens, which means:

Discuss some ideas! yay!

Ohhh, no, unfortunately today will not be able to gossip in my very interesting and full of adventure and drama life.

Theeeme of the day:


Racism. How to combat it? Completely ignore what we see! Example:

Idiot n.1: "Remember Laura?"

Idiot n.2: "Errr ... Who was it?"

N.1 Idiot "Tall, blue eyes, blond."

Idiot n.2 "Ah, yes, that girl hot as shit."

What is the harm in that? None. (except for the "shit")
And now:

Idiot n.1: "Did you know yesterday I did a girl, Stacey."

Idiot n.2: "ah, I can not remember who she is ..."

Idiot n.1 "It was that black chick."

Idiot n.2 "Hey, don't be racist."

Eh? What the hell is this "idiot n.2"'re talking about?! It is a physical characteristic! Yes, she is black chick! Her skin is darker than that of whites, and probably is from another culture. As a person with blue eyes has   different eyes than people with brown eyes.

Let's see another case:

Fool n.1 "Stacey is pretty hot. Don't you think?"

Fool n.2 "Eh .. black chicks are not my style."

Fool n.1 "Hey! didn't knew you were racist!"

Shut up, "n.1 fool." Think always in relation between "blue eyes" and "dark skin" when they are in these cases. To me, it's the same thing.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to make a few jokes! It's like the blonde jokes, everyone knows that when it comes to blonde, it's just an easy way to say "hot girl with a very rich dad snob", and, depending on the black jokes, also only mean those "thug life "ate yo mama" gangsta" even though everyone that blacks are just like whites.

Never heard of discrimination from other characteristics besides race, and I think the problem is that we are a bit in the situation where after all the problems with racism, society is still a bit too cautious to not be racist, kinda like two friends to each other "hey man, sorry, no hard feelings, k?" as if there was still tension between the two.

But the worst is that society is still very much used to being that way of anti-racist, that blacks are also used to being treated as if it was the non-racist way. So, much like the "idiot n.2" and "fool n.1" think that way of being is racist, even if it isn't, a black may also find it racist, and feel discriminated. In the end, the blame is no one's. It's just the simple evolution of things, many were accustomed to that's the way of being not racist, even if not, just as many were accustomed that blacks are evil, and should be slaughtered. What ends up saying that people pay more attention to how they were raised than their own logic, or maybe our logic is influenced by the way we were raised. Uh oh, here I go on another long logical thinking ... And that's how my mind works.

" It's all folks! "

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