24 March, 2013

Get ready, this one is strong.
I'll show you my dream, what I wanted humanity to evolve.
(Listen to this while reading, and with headphones.)

No corruption, no pollution, no crime, no war. Simple communities, hunt, looking for food, plants, nobody works. children play, young people sing, dance, love.
Little stress. You don't have to work tomorrow, just walk around the mountains, with the purest air that people today have ever seen. the scenery is beautiful. At night, Wveryone celebrates with a campfire. Playing some songs, watch those starry skies that you maybe saw once.
Time is spent with this. No reason to be at war or fighting, it's all so simple.

There are no rules. fust follow the basic moral, ethic.
Here productivity is to create, invent, tools, instruments, hunting weapons.

 Invent stories, myths, mysteries. It's like we're all kids again.
Just idolize nature. We have no sin, we are not destroying the land, we are not in a war, man does not kill, does not hate, because there is no reason to. Only love.
The human you know is no longer a parasite of the planet.

Look at you now. What you are today. What we have yet to do for tomorrow, that school work on the war of the 100 years, horrible thing, created by man. Or that inspection you will do tomorrow to that factory, to make sure that they are not completely destroying the environment.
So many hundreds die every day. CRIME. WAR. TORTURE.

But that does not happen, because we all live in small communities, peacefully, without problems.

Go camping. Look at the mountains. The starry sky.
If you do not agree that this idea is better than what we are today, then ok.
But do not complain abour what we are today. Neither of which will be tomorrow, because I do not see anything better to do.

And worse, as you are reading this on the Internet it means that you are part of the small percentage of people who have minimally comfortable lifes.

If we all wanted it, it had already happened. Cause. It. Is. So. Simple.

And if you do not want to ruin the "mood", do not read what is below:





The world is like windows. We evolved the functional windows XP, to the cute and malfunctional Windows Vista.