22 March, 2013

Ah. Today I'm happy.

And the theme of the day is:

The shock and change.

It seems like I hit a second puberty. Before, I felt I was the only different person in the world. I felt alone, like no one understood me. The only one who liked music other than pop, The one who played an instrument, the only one who didn't want to party and gossip; The only one that dedicated himself to something. Obviously that's not common for a kid 12/13 years old to be like.

"Brazil is full of different people, multi-cultural, and I would easily find people like me!" I thought.
I can not say I was completely wrong, because I met only a few people, but even so, people are not as different as I thought. The more"hipster" style I was looking for is a bit more common in Europe, Portugal is only one exception -. -

But in the end, when I returned, that's when everything changed in me. Since I met my class, especially Diego, finally after so long, I'm myself, it seems that my inner eventually freed himself and became exterior, so deep down, I turned inside out.
I speak about music, play together, compare drawings, share the graphical diary with the class. And after all this time, I again let my hair grow. Sarcastically, my hair always conveys my current state: It started to look bad and disheveled when I was in the old class, which forced me to keep it short, ( hide myself). Now, is long and crazy like me.
Furthermore, it is the first time that I became somewhat social. I know people, I go out often, and actually yesterday we went out with a guitarist that Cacciari met.

This are the kind of surprises that make me think that it is impossible to predict life. Let me give some examples of things I never thought would happen:

I wanted to play an instrument. 1 month later I started playing bass. 1 year later I joined a band.

We never imagined that we were actually emigrating to Brazil. It's those things that arise and then are ignored. Much less that we would come back in under one year.

I never thought I would even find people with whom I could relate to me. Maybe in Brazil? No, the opposite. When I got back, wich was something that I did not count.

Who knew I'd have better grades when I get halfway through the 10th year than all the rest of the years?

Multimedia Course? And suddenly prefered the arts course?

I envied the friends of my father. I said that such people did not exist beyond them.

I wonder what the future will bring now? I've found some time ago that to me everything is quite unpredictable.
 Incidentally, this is the goal of my blog, explaining these crazy scenes that happen to me.


  1. adoroo o teu "long hair" CRAZY (;

    good luck with future ...

  2. Thank you, my good sir, the same to you Mr.