31 March, 2013

I'm upset.

I did not know that simply by having friends, or go out, my brother and my best friend Hugo were going to start excluding me slowly. Being always used to be only 3, these two started first by making stupid jokes about "being social," okay, but over time they began to take precipitated conclusions that I didn't have time or I don't want to be with them. They spend the afternoon playing League of Legends without asking me if I want to play.

I do not know if they notice it themselves.

Before, Hugo and I were slightly closer than Rodrigo, but it was because of our age. With time Rodrigo adapted to our way of being, and now, well.
They're all with the "having honor in not being social" thing, and I'm not included in that.

If they want to be, then fine. And that whenever someone moves away slightly from Hugo, he continues to think that person does not care about him anymore. He'll have many friends.

Maybe I'm just a bit annoyed.
But I don't like that my best friend ignores me as if we were no longer best friends just because I have more friends besides him.

(there, have your gossip.)

Amumu - Character from league of legends.

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