18 March, 2013

Ohh hi there, everyone!
Since I have nothing to tell today, I'll dedicate it to enlight your souls and open them to the touch of the one's holy noodle.

Dafuq am I talking about, you ask,

I'm talking about the only God that actually exists, the Flying Spaghetty Monster.

No, I have not gone nuts. I think I'll explain it a little bit better:

There once was a school, Kansas school or something, that gave the students 2 options of study, Catholic, or Scientific. Basically, if you wanted to learn about the evolution theory, or Adam and Eve.
But one man, got frustrated about that. Why only give 2 options? There are a lot more religions that should be considered. With that, he wrote a letter to that school asking them to also give the option to learn about the only true God, Flying Spaghetty Monster (FSM). In the letter he explained how the world was created, etc, etc.

The religion is now official, and it has millions followers (pastafarians), including me. They have actual many solutions to today's problems. What about the global warming? I'll explain that. Was there any global warming 400 years ago? No, but where there PIRATES 400 years ago? Yes. Is there global warming today? Yes, but are there any pirates?? AHHH. Solution: Become a pirate! It's the new trend! FSM will support you, touching you with his holy noodliness. Besides, it's a lot more fun to awnser people that ask you what religion are you "Pastafarian" than "atheist", or "agnostic".

Here, have the dude's blog, and learn more. Have fun checking out the sightenings of FSM as the proof of his presence and also reading hate mail from very religious people.

(yeah, it's also very fun to pratice this kind of religious traditions.)

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