16 March, 2013

Oh hi. So today is the first day of vacation, so, yay.
I spent it very well actually. wake up at 12:00, play bass, eat lunch, play bass t'ill 1:30. I allways play bass when I have nothing to do, so, if I continue like this I'll be the best bassist of the whole time in a month.

Well, I spent the rest of the day on my laptop refreshing 9gag (don't click the link if you want to have sucess in life), but I also created my deviantART account, and uploaded some pics.

Oh! Yes, I drawn myself (cause I love myself and I'm super egomaniac) and it went very well. I don't have a scanner, but here's one that went well too but made in paint.

And while I did all this, I was hearing to Instrumental tracks from Jamiroquai. That guy is the defenition of funky.

One last thing, I never know if my blog pageviews are just people that went to this blog by accident, or are actually followers or people that at least read something, so, please comment something, please! Even if it's just something like "JAMIROQUAI IS FOR GURLZ AND FAGS!" but just do it.
oh, and share my blog please. if you share it, i'll give you a cookie!