15 March, 2013

So, this is my life right now;

1. We're almost leaving our aunt's house to our house, we're just wating to the person we rented the house to to leave, probably during these vacations.

2. I'm having good grades, 14/20 mostly, which I think is good for someone that went to school in the middle of the year.

3. I decided I'm probably not going to quit the art course for the multimedia technical professional course, wich is a course that gives you some professional experience on the subject, but doesn't include some knowledge I need to know if I want to go to college.

4. I have this new friends, Diego, Eduardo (wich we like to call "Cacciari") Tania, and some others. Diego is a vocalist and guitarist in our band, Daydream. He is a cool guy, friendly, and very unique. Cacciari is a nice dude, metalhead, and likes things well done. Tania is a very nice person, and a good friend. My whole class is friendly, so we are a good group.

5. Today I officialy joined their band, after their last concert they did with their other bassist, that took place in school ( they built a stage on the last day of school of this period) which unfortunely didn't go very well because of some tecnical problems, and the sound mixers were stupid (voice too loud, guitars too low )

6. Holydays. OOHH YEAH.

7. Been playing League of Legends with Hugo and sometimes with Cacciari. I still play really bad.

8. Now, on my mind:
I've been thinking on how much I need a girlfriend. I really want to find someone which I can relate to, someone nice, someone I can talk seriously to, show my deep me (even though I also want someone that I can laugh and hang out with). Let's stay with someone in that I can have this kind of conversations with I'm having on this blog. The problem is I'm kind of an idiot and I rarely talk to girls besides some "chit chat". I just really get out of conversation subject. This is the kind of problems that being little social for so much time does. Besides, I never really dated anyone. I think until something happens I'll try to convince myself that I'm the kind of man that can be happily alone. (nice strategy, this one, wait to something to happen.)

9. I also think I should be more crazy and expressive. Inspired by Diego, I think I should be a little more spontaneous and less "mouth shut".

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